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Ezra Morris is a journalist from Atlanta. He joined GPB in 2016. Morris has also worked as a digital editor at Vice, KCRW, and Creative Loafing Atlanta. 

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An inch of snow may be coming for Atlanta Friday night, do you know where your bread and milk are?

Forecasters called for a mix of snow and sleet Friday in several states, causing heartache for Southerners who have endured epic traffic jams at the first sign of wintry weather.

The good news is that while up to an inch of snow may fall by Friday night, the ground temperatures should be warm enough to melt it quickly.

Atlanta Mayor's Race Too Close To Call

Dec 5, 2017
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Keisha Lance Bottoms declared herself the next mayor of Atlanta early Wednesday morning while her opponent, Mary Norwood, called for a recount.

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Every day in the United States 91 people die of opioid overdose. That includes prescription opiates and heroin. Over a year, that’s more than ten times the number of people who died on 9/11. On today’s “On Second Thought,” we’re going to hear from some of the people struggling with addiction, those who offer help, and communities caught in the middle.

Opioids By The Numbers

Aug 28, 2017
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According to the CDC, the amount of opioid painkillers peaked in 2010, but as of 2015, the prescribing rate remained three times as high as in 1999, when the nation’s problem with opioid addiction was just getting started.

Although it has not yet been declared an official emergency by the federal government, the opioid epidemic continues across the country. Georgia is no exception. There are 0.77 prescriptions for every person in Georgia. 

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A massive fire caused an interstate bridge to collapse during rush hour Thursday in Atlanta, just minutes after witnesses said police halted traffic and turned cars away from the crumbling overpass. However, officials said no one was hurt despite dramatic images of towering flames and plumes of smoke.

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The Trump administration unveiled its proposed 2018 budget Thursday morning. Unsurprisingly, the budget calls for significant increases in military and border security spending while dramatically reducing the funding for a number of other government agencies.

Several of those cuts, including reductions at the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will affect a variety of Georgia-based programs that receive federal funding.

Election Day 2016: Georgia

Nov 8, 2016
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11:33 p.m.

Trump has won Georgia.

10:39 p.m.

Once Georgia voters got past the Clinton-Trump presidential showdown at the top of the ballot Tuesday, they still had plenty of races to settle — from picking a new congressman in west Georgia to deciding whether to impose a special tax on strip clubs.

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson cruised to a third term over Democratic challenger Jim Barksdale. The Republican incumbent is well established in Georgia politics, having held various offices since 1977.


UPDATE 10/9/16 12:25 p.m

Governor Nathan Deal is lifting the mandatory evacuation order for coastal counties except for Chatham, where it won't be lifted until 5 p.m. At that point, Chatham County will be open to the public as well, though there will be a curfew in effect from 10 p.m.-7 a.m.

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Atlanta rappers are never hesitant to shout out their neighborhoods and favorite spots around town. Write what you know, "rep where ya stay."

How To Speak Startup

Aug 21, 2016
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Startup culture has its own language. Many of the most popular terms tossed around sound like what Æon Flux and Uncle Pennybags would call their illegitimate love children. Oh Mr. Monoply, what has your lust wrought upon this plane where Strunk and White's nightmares meet Dr. Moreau's dreams?

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Emory University says two of its students were among 20 victims of an extremist attack in Bangladesh. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack on an upscale Bangladesh restaurant in which militants killed 20 hostages, saying it targeted the citizens of "Crusader countries" in the capital, Dhaka.


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Governor Nathan Deal has vetoed the so-called Religious Freedom bill, saying that he wants to keep Georgia "a welcoming state."

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As business manager and shellfish director of Kimball House, Bryan Rackley's mornings often begin with him opening multiple boxes of oysters. Some come via freight shipping, some via couriers. They're packed in ice or surrounded by special gel coolants. The mussels come from places like Skunk Island, Washington and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Offerings from Virginia, California, and South Carolina are often in the mix as well.