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Director/Producer - On Second Thought
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It’s no secret young kids’ parents don’t get a lot of sleep. But new research shows living with children means less sleep for women than it does for men.

Georgia Southern University assistant professor of epidemiology Kelly Sullivan is the author of this study. She joins us to talk about the findings.

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No human being is free of bias, but we’re mostly unaware of them. Politicians aren’t, though, and they use our unconscious biases to convince us that what’s true is false and vice versa. Appealing to emotions, rather than reason, can be a very persuasive strategy. We talked about this tactic with Kennesaw State psychology professor Roxanne Donovan and Penn State media studies professor Shyam Sundar.

Georgia American Revolution Preservation Alliance

More than 200 years ago, the British Army made its first push into the American South. The Georgian Continental Army lost to the British during the American Revolution at Brier Creek. Today, another battle is being waged over threats to the preservation of this historic 500-acre site.

Jon Ossoff

As the race to fill Tom Price’s 6th District Congressional seat heats up, Democrats hope all that activity translates to votes in the special election next month. Jon Ossoff, 30, is encouraging Democrats with his “Make Trump Furious” campaign, and raising a considerable amount of grassroots support. We learned more about Ossoff’s campaign and the race ahead with Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein and University of Georgia professor Audrey Haynes.