50 Years Later, How The Murder of Floyd Hoard Changed Georgia

Aug 7, 2017

Today [August 7] marks 50 years since Jackson County DA Floyd Hoard was murdered. He was one of the first government prosecutors murdered in the line of the duty in the United States. The event changed the course of law enforcement and politics in Jackson County and led to then-Governor Maddox giving the Georgia Bureau of Investigation jurisdiction in Jackson County. Floyd Hoard's son, Richard Hoard, wrote a book about his father's murder a few years ago. The book is “Alone Among the Living,” and recounts the impact of his father's murder on a 13 year old boy and how it lead him to becoming a minister. Richard Hoard released his fourth book, “The Missing Boys,” last month. We talk with Richard Hoard about the murder of his father and the politics of rural Georgia.