Author John Farrell On Richard Nixon

May 3, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” a flashback to America's 37th president, Richard Milhous Nixon, one of the most fascinating characters to ever take the Oval Office.

He's the subject of a well-regarded new biography "Richard Nixon: The Life" and the topic of our show today. We invited author John Farrell to join us for the full hour, along with retired WSB news anchor John Pruitt, who was working as a journalist in Atlanta during the Nixon years. Among the historical implications of Nixon, some people now offer comparisons to President Donald Trump, especially in the mutual disdain both have expressed regarding the press. This hour offers much reflection for students of American politics.


John A. Farrell – Author, "Richard Nixon: The Life"

John Pruitt – Retired WSB News Anchor

Here is a clip of Nixon's farewell to the White House staff the day after his resignation, August 9, 1974.