The Breakroom: Fake News, Post-Truth, And Times Square In Atlanta?

Nov 18, 2016

Every Friday, it’s time to hang out in The Breakroom. Guest host Adam Ragusea and this week’s panel talk about whether the electoral college should be scrapped, how Facebook and Google say they’re trying to stop the spread of “fake news,” and Oxford’s word of the year: “post-truth.”


This week’s guests:

  • Natalie Pawelski, Vice President and Senior Writer at Cater Communications
  • Kalena Boller, Co-host of the Reel Snobs Podcast
  • Hector Fernandez, Director of the Center for Latin American and Latino/a Studies, Georgia State University
  • Jon Jackson, Founder/President of STAG VETS INC., a non-profit program for displaced veterans


The Breakroom team also weighs the pros and cons of a proposal to make downtown Atlanta look more like New York’s Times Square, if the word “racist” is overused and has lost its impact, and Twitter’s expanded mute feature.