The Breakroom: Live Music, 'Corporal Punishment,' And The Onion

Apr 22, 2016

We’re are joined by our Friday panel in The Breakroom to dissect the week’s news, including the benefits of listening to live music and the issue of corporal punishment in the Georgia school system. The Breakroom gang also discusses the  infamous pepper spray incident at UC Davis and why satirical news outlet The Onion has become so successful over the years.

Joining us in the Breakroom this week are:

  • Sam Burnham 
  • Curator of the blog “All the Biscuits in Georgia”
  • @C_SamBurnham
  • Tomika Depriest
  • Marketing and Communications Strategist
  • @mikkdepriest
  • Greg Williams 
  • Host of the conservative radio show Greg’s List 
  • @GregsListLive
  • Kathy Lohr
  • Former NPR correspondent
  • @KathyALohr