The Breakroom: Married Priests, Coyotes, And Snoop Dogg

Mar 17, 2017

The Breakroom returns with no shortage of news to discuss. We’ll talk about Snoop Dogg’s controversial new music video, and think about why the new "Beauty and the Beast" film is so upsetting to some people. Then, we’ll discuss whether Georgia should be encouraging coyote hunting, and look back at the viral video of a family exposed on a live BBC interview. 

The Breakroom panel today is:

  • Stefan Turkheimer - Lawyer and editor for Georgia Pol
  • Kalena Boller - Co-host of the "Reel Snobs" podcast
  • Greg Williams - Mortgage Banker and Host of the conservative radio show "Greg's List"
  • Natalie Pawelski - Vice-President for Cater Communications