Brooke Waggoner On Mountain Stage

Feb 16, 2017

Nashville singer-songwriter Brooke Waggoner returns to Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va. A frequent collaborator for Jack White and Beck, Waggoner makes music that's "less rawk, more Rachmaninov," using her classical background to bend indie folk-pop conventions to her whim.

Waggoner wrote and produced all songs, poems and orchestral arrangements on her latest release, Sweven, which is out now on her own label, Swoon Moon Music. Waggoner is joined in this set by Brad Odum on drums and Juan Solorzano on guitar and bass.


  • "Widowmaker"
  • "Pennies And Youth"
  • "Proof"
  • "Adults"
  • "The Splitting Of Yourself In Two"
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