Bruce Feiler On The Story Of Adam And Eve

Apr 8, 2017

I loved talking to Bruce Feiler, our guest on today’s show. He’s a man bursting with original ideas; so many that when you talk to him, sometimes two, three thoughts seem to emerge almost simultaneously and you have to figure out which one to focus on at a given moment. That’s fine with me, because he reinterprets ancient stories in a way that allows us to think more deeply about who we are today.

Bruce and I had never met before, but I do know his brother Andrew, who lives here in Atlanta, and so that may have given us a rapport that helped make the conversation flow easily. But I suspect that’s really just who he is – a guy of enormous curiosity who just likes talking with people about what he’s been learning lately.

You may know Bruce from any of his many New York Times best-selling books – perhaps from “Walking the Bible,” which was turned into a popular PBS series that he hosted. For that project he went on a 10,000 mile journey walking the lands depicted in “The Five Books of Moses.”

For his new book, “The First Love Story: Adam, Eve and Us,” Bruce went traveling again, across four continents exploring the story of Adam and Eve and the impact they’ve had on history down through the ages. He invites us to see their story through the literature of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” Mary Shelley’s  ”Frankenstein,” and the work of Mark Twain, among others. And he gives us a new interpretation on the magnificent painting Michelangelo created in the Sistine Chapel.

What Bruce found is that we really don’t understand the story of Adam and Eve at all. 

Here's a clip from the PBS series “Walking the Bible.”