Camping Through The Storm In Middle Georgia

Sep 10, 2017

Middle Georgia is bracing for tropical storm force winds by Monday afternoon. This news put many evacuees staying in RVs back on the road. At a campground outside of Macon, most campers cleared out Sunday. But a few Floridians decided to stay put.

Teri and Eric Hipko fled St. Simon’s Island with a 10 foot camper and three Chihuahuas in tow. They bought the camper after Hurricane Matthew, with future evacuations in mind. This time, the couple drove 200 miles inland to reach Georgia’s Arrowhead Park, where they set up near the campground bathrooms. All the bathrooms at the park are designed to withstand extreme wind. They were built after a tornado ripped through the popular lakeside campground in 2008.

“So, I think we are going to move some camping chairs in the bathroom just to be sure,” Teri said.

Eric laughed, and added in all seriousness: “We hope our little camper survives."

Bob Haugh normally lives in his RV in Miami. He drove to Georgia hoping to keep it from being damaged by the storm. But on Sunday he watched as most people got away from the place he thought would be safe.

“When we woke up this morning it almost became like a deserted town. But, if there are are 70 mph winds, I probably need to get out of here, too," he said.