Can Trump Revive GOP's Push To Repeal And Replace Obamacare?

Jul 19, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” the Senate fumbles on health care, but President Trump tries to recover. Will a lunchtime meeting put a bill back in play? Our panel looks at the latest iteration of the attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare and what it means for those of us who rely on medical insurance. Our panel voted to draft Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson, already lauded for his bipartisanship by the New York Times, to lead the way forward.

New developments on the Russia front including news that Trump had a lengthy conversation with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of a G-20 dinner. Trump is angry that the story has any traction, but his critics say the lack of supervision by any U.S. interests is worrying.

And today marks an event in political history, involving Atlanta. It happened on July 19, 1988 when the largely unknown governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, gave a terribly long-winded speech nominating Michael Dukakis at the Democratic National Convention. Bill recalls how Clinton advisor Harry Thomason saved Clinton from the dustbin of history by getting him on the Johnny Carson show.


Greg Bluestein – Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Todd, Republican Strategist

David Dennis – Professor of Journalism, Morehouse College

Andy Miller – Georgia Health News