Comey Says Trump Requested FBI End Flynn Investigation

May 17, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” the hits just keep on comin'! Now that former FBI director James Comey has said he has notes of at least one of his meetings with Trump, the roar from both sides of the aisle is deafening.

Texas Congressman Al Green is the first D.C. lawmaker to officially call for impeachment, while others urge caution and say a lot more information is needed. We take up all the latest news, including Trump's own comments that he's the most unfairly-treated politician in history.

But our attention is also keenly focused on Georgia politics. A state senate seat went to Republican Kay Kirkpatrick in yesterday's run-off election. is that any indication of what's to come on June 20 when Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff have their District 6 showdown? Both campaigns have released new ads as the latest polling shows the two candidates are neck-and-neck.

News is surfacing that thousands of Georgians called Gov. Nathan Deal's office to urge him not to sign the Campus Carry bill that passed the General Assembly this year. We all know that he did sign it, but now the language in the bill is causing some consternation at UGA. As football season approaches, there are questions about whether or not guns should be permitted in tailgating areas.

Sally Yates has finally broken her media silence on the issue of Michael Flynn and her thoughts on the growing controversy around Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election. She has also gone on record saying she will not run for Georgia governor next year.


Greg Bluestein – Political Writer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Julianne Thompson – Republican Strategist

Mary Margaret Oliver – Democratic State Senator

Heath Garrett – Republican Strategist