How Do Chiefs Of Staff Define Presidencies?

Apr 10, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” keeping the White House running. We talk with writer and documentary filmmaker Chris Whipple about his new book “The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency.”

Whipple interviewed 17 former chiefs from the Nixon administration through the Obama administration. How does the personality of the Chief of Staff affect the message and how does the relationship between these men (and they've all been men!) and their presidents show itself over time?

The topic lends itself to the obvious question: How is Reince Priebus doing at the helm of the new Trump administration?

Our panel also discussed the upcoming 6th Congressional District matchup.


Jim Galloway – Political Columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Brian Robinson – Republican Political Consultant

Tharon Johnson – Democratic Political Consultant