Jon Ossoff Still Polling Strongly In 6th District Congressional Race

Apr 12, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” how does a loss in Kansas still seem like good news for Democrats?

The upcoming 6th District congressional race got a lot of attention from our panelists as Democratic newcomer Jon Ossoff is still polling strongly. Meanwhile, leading GOP candidate Karen Handel is starting to get strafed by fellow party members who are also in the running.

More Georgia politics up for discussion as Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle files the paperwork to run for the governor’s office. Secretary of State Brian Kemp is already in the race and there are indications Columbus mayor Teresa Tomlinson may be interested in running for governor or Secretary of State. Stay tuned!

Of course, Sean Spicer’s Holocaust gaffe got attention from our panel. Will his remarks bring an end to his gig as White House Press Secretary?

Finally, is there a Trump Doctrine on Syria? And what does the future hold for the relationship between Russia and the United States. Once cozy, there’s a definite chill in the air after the U.S. missile strikes in Syria. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in Moscow. He was the first of the Trump team to meet with an angry Vladimir Putin.


Greg Bluestein — Political Writer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

David Dennis — Adjunct Professor of Journalism, Morehouse College

Heath Garrett — Republican advisor

Conor Sen — Bloomberg View