Karen Handel And Jon Ossoff Agree To Four Debates Before Runoff

May 31, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” our first live show since last week and there's so much to get into.

First up, news on the hotly contested 6th congressional district race. Greg brought the breaking news that Karen Handel has agreed to four debates with Jon Ossoff between now and the June 20 runoff. Handel has been avoiding discussion of debates until now; what does this move indicate? And are black voters the key to an Ossoff win?

Twitter went bonkers overnight when Donald Trump tweeted a made-up word "covfefe." The circumstances are unclear and the tweet was later deleted. But it's still a hot topic, with some voicing concern about Trump's mental state, while others argue there are many more important things to be paying attention to. That includes the ongoing case involving the Trump administration and possible connection with the Russians. That story is getting new attention as James Comey agrees to testify that Trump pushed him to drop the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn. The Paris Climate Accords are also in the spotlight as Trump indicates he will withdraw the United States from the global agreement. And what will Trump do about the implications regarding his son-in-law?


Greg Bluestein — Political Writer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Andre Gillespie — Associate Professor of Political Science at Emory University

Brian Robinson — Republican Strategist