LGBT Groups Rally To Support Gov. Deal's HB 757 Veto

Apr 5, 2016

LGBT rights groups rallied near the State Capitol Tuesday to celebrate Governor Nathan Deal’s veto of a ‘religious liberty’ bill last week. 

More than 300 people turned out for the rally, including Jeff Graham of LGBT rights group Georgia Equality. He wants laws that protect minorities as well as the faith community.

“We feel it’s time that our leaders at the legislature begin to approach this issue from a very different perspective, and that is, how do we protect the civil rights of all Georgians?" said Graham.

Supporter of Governor Deal's decision to veto HB 757.
Credit Sam Whitehead / GPB

The turnout included many Democrats, but also Republicans – including Georgia State University student Ronald Cato, who said the legislation would have divided Georgians.

“I am thankful for people like myself and Governor Nathan Deal, who vetoed this bill – are coming out and saying  that this not our party, this not our country, this is not our state, and this not the character of Georgia," said Cato.

Protesters at Liberty Plaza.
Credit Sam Whitehead / GPB

House Speaker David Ralston and Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle promise the fight is for religious liberty is not over. Both say they will unite behind new legislation next year, but have yet to give specifics on to the language of that bill.