Macon Shelters Shield People From Storm

Sep 11, 2017

Hundreds of thousands of Georgians are without power as rain and wind whips through the state, downing trees and damaging power lines. In Macon, many people are sheltering at facilities managed by the Red Cross and local churches. 

About a dozen air mattresses lined the fellowship hall at Riverside United Methodist Church.

The lights were dim as rain pelted the windows. Many people slept, but when we visited Ocala, Florida resident Angela Guinn was up tending to three kids. Macon was never their evacuation plan.

“We were actually headed to Knoxville. And my best friend had a medical emergency and went to the hospital. And she’s still in the hospital. I’ve got her daughter with me, and my two kids,” Guinn said wearily.

One hospital in Macon had to switch to generators as the storm ramped up, but power was restored within the hour.