Is The Media Giving Trump A Harder Time Than Previous Oval Office Occupants?

May 24, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” we explore President Trump and the media. It has been a fractious relationship for decades, but has greatly intensified with Trump in the Oval Office. Is the "mainstream media" giving Trump a harder time than previous occupants of the White House?

A new Harvard study indicates the answer is "Yes," but it's a complicated scenario in this age of "alternative facts."  

Trump's repeated efforts to flout long-standing media traditions are also a factor to consider, not to mention his habit of tweeting. How does a discerning citizen determine fact from fiction? And what is the difference between journalism and punditry?

We dig in with Brooke Gladstone of NPR's "On the Media" who joins us with analysis. Also on today's panel, Hank Klibanoff, former editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Paul Caron, current managing editor of WGCL, Atlanta's CBS affiliate and veteran of CNN.


Brooke Gladstone – Host, "On the Media"

Hank Klibanoff – Former Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Emory Professor

Paul Caron – Managing Editor, WGCL-Channel 46

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