Mercer University Founder's Day Speaker Causing Controversy On Campus

Feb 6, 2018

An annual speech at a Georgia university that usually occurs with little fanfare is attracting controversy this year.


Mercer University's Founder’s Day address will be delivered by alumni Jay Sekulow on Feb. 6. Sekulow is a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team and a prominent figure in the conservative Christian community.

His selection is not sitting well with some students and faculty.

James Stair is a member of Common Ground, an LGBTQ advocacy group on campus. He’s organizing a protest and asking students to either skip the speech, or sit in.

“Our second way of protesting is to have our students show up in some sort of symbolic protest, so like [show up wearing] a reproductive health shirt, or a shirt that stands for minorities on campus, or [holding] a sexuality flag of some kind,” Stair said.

Sekulow is expected to hold a closed Q&A session with students and faculty after the speech.