Mueller Indictments Cast Cloud Over Washington

Nov 1, 2017

On this edition of "Political Rewind," the first indictments in the Russia collusion probe remain the chief pre-occupation in Washington, even as the president and the GOP try to shift focus to tax reform and a crucial Trump trip to Asia. Our panel will look at the latest developments in the Mueller probe and weigh in on emerging details in the tax plan. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is under fire for his comments on the causes of the Civil War and the general who led the Confederate Army. Plus, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp says there’s no evidence an election computer at Kennesaw State University was hacked, but a national watchdog group says voting machines in next week’s Atlanta mayoral election could be vulnerable to illegal intrusions.


AJC Political Reporter Greg Bluestein

AJC Washington Reporter Tamar Hallerman

Bloomberg Views Columnist Conor Sen

Democratic Consultant Howard Franklin