On Second Thought For April, 20, 2017

Apr 20, 2017

Thousands of scientists plan to march on Washington this weekend. We look at how science is changing the world around us.


Before he was elected, President Trump called climate change a hoax. Now, he is rolling back policies meant to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Georges Benjamin says combating climate change is a public health issue. He’s the Executive Director of the American Public Health Association. He joined us with Peter Dykstra, the publisher of Environmental Health News.

Bees play an invaluable role in our ecosystem, but they are slowly dying out as a species, in part due to human activities. The Urban Honey Bee Project at Georgia Tech hopes to create new homes for these vital insects while educating students on ecological responsibility. Georgia Tech’s Jennifer Leavey is director of the project. We spoke with her last year.

Atlanta might be the last place you’d look for endangered penguins. But every morning at the Georgia Aquarium begins with a Waddle Walk. That’s when staff take endangered African penguins out for a walk around the aquarium. GPB intern Olivia Reingold joined them recently to bring us this audio postcard.

The City of Atlanta announced earlier this year it is the test pilot for a new, software-based trash pick-up system. Atlanta became the first partner of a waste management company Rubicon Global—who says the program will cut costs for the city and help combat climate change. Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield is Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Atlanta. Michael Allegretti is the Head of Public Policy for Rubicon Global. We spoke to them in January.