On Second Thought For Friday, February 17, 2017

Feb 17, 2017

One of the featured authors at the festival is Forbes Financial Columnist John Tamny, who is author of the book “Who Needs the Fed?” We take a look at the role of the fed, and ask Tamny about how it may change in the Trump administration. The Fed also will see some big changes this month in Atlanta, as the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta steps down.



We’ve assembled an all authors Breakroom panel. Joining us this week are Alejandro Danois, Karin Slaughter, Nicki Salcedo, and Mike Lowery. We ask them if library late fees are on the way out, the emotion of written words, and a study that suggests children can pick up personality traits from other children. And, we discuss a major editorial reversal for "Playboy," the uptick in political activism among librarians, and whether a Grammy Awards category is racist.