On Second Thought for Friday, February 9, 2018

Feb 9, 2018


Nearly four decades ago, the so-called ‘Atlanta Child Murders’ shook the city. Between 1979 and 1981, 28 people were killed -- most were children. The mystery surrounding the murders eventually led to one man: Wayne Williams. He was arrested, and convicted of many of the murders. A new podcast, “Atlanta Monster” explores the notorious case. The podcast launched last month, and is co-produced by Atlanta-based production companies ‘How Stuff Works’ and Tenderfoot TV. We talked about “Atlanta Monster” with host Payne Lindsey and Executive Producer Jason Hoch.

Across Georgia, you find confederate monuments in town squares and in cemeteries. Earlier this week, we spent an hour talking about the debate over these markers, and the legal process for removing them. We listened to some of the comments left by listeners who heard that show.

And the Breakroom was back to break down the week’s news in a room. We talked about Valentine’s Day, Justin Timberlake, and that controversial Martin Luther King Jr. Super Bowl commercial. And we discussed the Larry Nassar scandal, Atlanta’s terrible traffic, and whether the Game of Thrones creators can pull off a new Star Wars series. Our guests were Natalie Pawelski, Greg Williams, Tomika DePriest, and Stefan Turkheimer.