On Second Thought For Friday, July 14, 2017

Jul 14, 2017

The Killer Tomato is this coming weekend. The Killer Tomato Festival, that is. Atlanta restaurateur and chef Ford Fry and Georgia Organics Director Alice Rolls join us to talk about southern cooking with juicy, ripe tomatoes. Then, Bitter Southerner editor-in-chief Chuck Reece provides his views on how to construct the perfect tomato sandwich.

Then, it’s been 20 years this month since the first Mars Rover touched down on the Red Planet. The Sojourner wasn’t much bigger than a toy —  just a foot high and a couple feet wide. But putting humans on the surface of Mars will take a much bigger set of wheels. One prototype for the job stops by Atlanta this weekend. You can see it at SunTrust Park, through Sunday, July 16. Producer Emily Cureton brings us this audio postcard.

And Tony Harris is back in the Breakroom! This week we’ll talk about infidelity in marriages, haunted furniture, and why Shia LeBeouf got arrested in Georgia. Plus we’ll discuss the resignation of the federal ethics leader, and debate sentencing for teens in Hawaii who killed endangered birds. Joining us this week are Nsenga Burton, Greg Williams, Natalie Pawelski, and Hector Fernandez.