On Second Thought For Monday, April 17, 2017

Apr 17, 2017

More than 100 Atlanta teachers have joined a federal age discrimination lawsuit. The complaint alleges teachers were forced out of their jobs by an administration that was openly hostile to employees over 40. Cheryl Patterson is one of the plaintiffs. She worked for years in the Atlanta Public School District, before she was laid off. Also with us is Charlotte Alexander. She’s an Assistant Professor specializing in employment law at Georgia State University.

University of Georgia professor Gregory Robinson was recently honored with an international prize for his contributions to chemistry. Dr. Robinson specializes in combining unlikely elements. He does this in his lab, and also when he uses plain language to talk about highly specialized research. The idea is to get people to care about science, even if they won’t see it applied in the world for decades. This year Dr. Robinson was named a Fellow with London’s Royal Society of Chemistry. We talk with him about being a self-described “chemical detective.”

Early 20th century photographer Lewis Hine made his mark by documenting the working conditions in mill towns, like those in Georgia. His photos led to major reforms in child labor laws. An exhibit at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton tells the story of one in that community. We talk with historian Joe Manning, who’s on a quest to learn more about the children in Hine’s photographs.

At a time when there are questions about the legitimacy of certain news outlets, an Emory University class dives into the convoluted world of conspiracies. We learn more about this class as part of our ongoing series, Lessons from Left Field. We talk with instructor Felix Harcourt and two of his students, Carolyn Koehnke and Laura Marquez.