On Second Thought For Monday, March 20, 2017

Mar 20, 2017

Last week’s cold snap means bad news for fruit farmers in northern Georgia. The peach and blueberry industry will potentially lose millions of dollars to the late freeze. Some researchers at the University of Georgia have developed an equation which they say will help combat that loss. Joining us is one of those researchers--Pam Knox, an Agricultural Climatologist at the University of Georgia. Also joining us by phone is Joe Cornelius, Chair of the Georgia Blueberry Commission.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta does serious business. It saves lives and eradicates sickness, but it’s also in show business. In its 70-year history, it’s captured the imagination of TV writers and filmmakers. GPB’s Sean Powers takes us on a quick tour through CDC’s movie career.

The CDC’s museum features a collection of photos by Jim Gathany. For 30 years, Gathany has documented the center’s scientific breakthroughs, its facilities, and its history. We talk with Gathany about his experience behind the lens at the CDC.

And, what we don’t know that we know can make a big difference. That’s the gist of Internal Cognitive Biases. They are both what we think and what we feel. They influence how we react to people, and to political candidates. And appealing to emotions like these, rather than reason, can be a very persuasive. Here to talk about this persuasive strategy is Kennesaw State psychology professor Roxanne Donovan. Also with us by phone is Penn State media studies professor Shyam Sundar.