On Second Thought For Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jun 15, 2017

As the race for a single congressional district draws national attention, we take an hour to examine Georgia’s changing electorate.

First, Cobb County is the last metro county in Georgia with a white majority. But it’s expected to become "majority minority"—more than 50 percent non-white residents—in the next four years. Politically, the reliably Republican county is shifting to largely Democratic, and may flip in the upcoming 6th Congressional District election. We talk about the changing electorate in Cobb with Andra Gillespie, Political Science Professor at Emory University.

Then, Atlanta’s demographics are in flux, and city neighborhoods are following suit. A new study from Georgia State University took a comprehensive look at the last 45 years in the Atlanta metro area. It found the city is more diverse, more educated and wealthier than ever. That sounds like good news. The bad news is the city has lost five percent of its affordable housing units every single year since 2012. We talk about solutions to gentrification with urban planner Ryan Gravel, Peoplestown community organizer Alison Johnson of the Housing Justice League., and Andy Schneggenburger, an affordable housing advocate and developer in Atlanta.

Next, we know Atlanta commuting can be torture. Amazingly, Georgia isn’t at the bottom of the country’s worst driving list. Rhode Island claims that misery. When it comes to braking and acceleration though? We’re the only Southern State in the bottom five for that aspect of bad driving. We took to the streets to ask people which driving habits really irk them.

And then we’ll look at one issue facing rural Georgians. The whole state’s voting process has come under scrutiny in recent years. The Daily Yonder, a news website, compared investigations into voting violations in rural and urban areas of the state. Reporter Tim Marema found rural voters undergo a disproportionate share of state elections boards investigations. He joins us with Atlanta-based voting rights consultant Fred McBride.

And finally, a trip to the mountains. Blue Ridge is a popular getaway town in the North Georgia Mountains. It’s also home to one of Georgia’s largest populations of gay couples. That’s led to a rise in the number of L-G-B-T owned businesses. G-P-B’s Emily Cureton sent us a postcard from Main Street.