On Second Thought For Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Dec 27, 2017

The Georgia film industry is big business - $9.5 billion big in 2017. We spent the hour meeting the people who work on film and television projects that are produced in the state


“My Cousin Vinny” premiered 25 years ago to critical and popular acclaim. Filmed mostly in Monticello, Georgia, it tells the story of an inexperienced New York attorney who takes on the biggest case of his career --- a murder trial. We looked back on the film’s legacy with its director, Jonathan Lynn.

One of the most successful animated shows is FX’s “Archer,” which is produced in Atlanta. Aisha Tyler plays the character Lana. She told us about what inspired her to pursue an acting career, and what it’s like to bring an animated character to life.


Netflix had a spectacularly successful Georgia-produced debut series last season: “Stranger Things.” The second season premiered in October to a massive following. The people behind the scenes play a vital role in this success. Taraja Ramsess is a set dresser for the show. He’s been part of Georgia's film and television industry for years. We caught up with him at his workshop in Atlanta.


We’ve discussed women’s growing prominence in major film and television projects. “Girls Trip” is no exception. It cost $19 million to make, and this year it grossed more than a $130 million. Atlanta-based producer Will Packer worked on the film, and joined us to talk about his push to diversify Hollywood.


For many people who work in Georgia’s film industry, this career was something they always wanted to do. Not the case for Bradley Field. He is a veteran, who went to Hollywood working security and eventually moved into the accounting department. We recently caught up with Bradley just after production wrapped up in Atlanta on “Den of Thieves,” which comes out next year.  Bradley explained how a career in the military prepared him to work on movies.