On Second Thought For Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mar 8, 2017

Georgia singer Jamie Barton is a rising star in the opera world. She’s only 35 but her voice has filled concert halls all over the world. In 2015, she nabbed the prestigious Richard Tucker Award. It’s a $50,000 prize sometimes called the "Heisman Trophy" of Music. But Barton hails from a place not often associated with grand opera--Rome, Georgia. We revisit a conversation with Jamie about finding a passion for opera in an unusual setting.

One of the featured performers at this weekend’s Savannah Stopover Music Festival is 21-year-old singer-songwriter Julien Baker. The Tennessee native’s melodies are admittedly melancholy but Baker says there is joy to be found in her music as well. She talks to us about the stardom that’s been creeping up on her and how her Southern roots influence her style. 

Then, songwriter Sye Elaine Spence has only lived in Atlanta for about three years, but she’s already immersed herself in the creativity and opportunities for collaboration found on the city’s music scene. She confessed that she had a stereotypical view of Georgia music before she moved to the Peach State and she told us about what inspired her latest songs. Sye Elaine Spence gives us her two picks for our essential Georgia Playlist.

And, Cindy Wilson co-founded The B-52s in Athens, Georgia in 1976. Now she’s back on tour, premiering material from her forthcoming, full-length solo album, “Change.” She performs at Venkman’s in Atlanta this Friday, and drops by the studio to chat about her life and music.