Sen. Johnny Isakson Addresses The 2016 Election

Sep 30, 2016

Today on "Political Rewind," we speak with Senator Johnny Isakson. The senator shares an update on the happenings in Washington, D.C. as well as how this election is going to affect Georgia voters. During an election season unlike any other, Isakson speaks directly to how the national topics take shape back home. 


While abroad, we spoke with French citizens about how the political landscape in the United States is being perceived across the pond. While indulging in French cuisine, conversations flowed between topics of elections and national security in both North America and Western Europe. 

Finally, we discuss the increasing number of endorsements given by organizations who historically reserve their opinions. Tweets, newspapers, and beauty pageants are all intertwined in the discussion of the presidential campaigns. Are we reaching a breaking point in these final weeks of election season? 



Johnny Isakson - Senior United States Senator from Georgia

Jim Galloway – AJC Reporter

Post written by GPB News intern Robert Jimison