Senate Health Care Overhaul Runs Into Republican Resistance

Jun 23, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” Karen Handel is D.C. bound. What’s her new life going to be like on Capitol Hill? Our panel digs in on a quick recap of the 6th District race and what lies ahead for Democrats and Republicans in Georgia.

Mitch McConnell has unveiled his answer to Obamacare and has a tough sell for several members of his own party. We hear from Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who thinks the bill doesn’t have enough “repeal” for his tastes. There’s a lot to discuss with this bill, including this: Will the U.S. Senate try to get a vote in before lawmakers take their Fourth of July break?

Stunning remarks this morning from President Trump regarding the issue of whether he taped his meetings with then-FBI Director James Comey. He says he didn’t, but did Trump indict himself for attempting to intimidate Comey?

And a new Friday feature: What we missed this week! We take a lightning-round look at some of our favorites, from the serious to the silly.


Jim Galloway — Political Columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dr. Andra Gillespie — Emory University political science professor

Patricia Murphy — The Daily Beast

Anita Sharpe — Bloomberg News

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