Tensions Escalate Over SCOTUS, Cabinet Nominees

Feb 1, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” the divide between Democrats and Republicans keeps growing larger. A high-profile firing, partisan maneuvering on Capitol Hill over Cabinet appointments, and a new Supreme Court justice nomination are the latest additions to a pot that was already boiling over.

Fred Smith, visiting professor at Emory Law School and professor at Berkeley Law School, joined us for part of the discussion about the qualifications and judicial positions of Trump's SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch. After seeing Pres. Obama's pick Merrick Garland get stiff-armed by the Republicans, will Democrats make Gorsuch pay? Or is he such a solid choice, he won't face any backlash?

Senate Republicans outflanked their Democratic counterparts on the Senate Judiciary committee to approve the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, he's likely to be confirmed when the full Senate votes.

Our panel also discussed the drama involving Georgian Sally Yates, who was fired from her job as Acting Attorney General on Monday. Does her stance endear her to those in the #Resist movement? Some Georgia Democrats are reportedly talking her up for a gubernatorial candidate in 2018.


Buddy Darden – Fmr. Ga. Congressman

Anita Sharpe – Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News

Seth Weathers – Republican Strategist