There Will Be Beer: Georgia Lawmakers Approve Craft Beer Bill

Mar 22, 2017

You soon might be able to walk into your favorite local brewery and order up a pint or grab a six pack to take home.


State lawmakers have approved a bill to allow craft breweries and distilleries to sell their products directly to consumers. It passed with a vote of 52-1 in the Senate Wednesday.


“I would say elation would be the emotion that I’d choose at this point,” said Andrew Lorber, founder of Orpheus Brewing in Atlanta. “This is a great day for Georgia breweries.”


Current state law says breweries can only sell their beer as part of tour packages. The bill would do away with that requirement, which Lorber called a “charade.”


“As you might imagine that’s a pretty powerful thing for breweries and opens up a lot of new doors for our business,” he said.


Lorber also predicted changing state law could lead to a boom in small breweries and distilleries that focus on direct sales to consumers, not distribution to stores, restaurants, and bars.


From here, the bill heads to Governor Nathan Deal’s desk for consideration. If approved, the law would go into effect September 1.