Tom Price Faces Tough Questions At HHS Confirmation Hearing

Jan 25, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” Georgia Congressman Tom Price is facing tough questions as he undergoes confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill as prospective Secretary of Health and Human Services. One of the biggest questions facing Price is will "replace" come before "repeal" in the post-Obamacare landscape?

We took a deep dive into the details of how Obamacare initially came about, its pluses and minuses, and the incredibly complicated challenge of coming up with anything better.

Casino gambling is getting another legislative push this year in Georgia. One of the keys to passing it at the Georgia General Assembly, requiring a 2/3 majority, and then selling it to voters in a referendum is this pledge: At least 30 percent of the profits would go towards funding needs-based college scholarships.   

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Andy Miller – Editor, Georgia Health News

Kevin Riley – Editor, Atlanta Journal Constitution

Billy Linville – Strategic Advisor