Trump Administration Looms Over 115th Congress

Jan 4, 2017

Today on "Political Rewind," the 115th Congress convened in Washington, and tense feelings of unease loom over Capitol Hill for both Democrats and Republicans. House Republicans kicked off the year by holding a closed vote to gut the independent ethics office. After much confusion, chaos, and a tweet from Donald Trump criticizing the move, the decision has been reversed. We ask our political insiders in Washington, D.C. and locally what indications this vote, followed by its immediate chaos and reversal vote, mean to voters.

Over the summer, Rep. John Lewis held a sit-in on the House floor that was covered via live streaming platforms. A rule passed by House Republicans includes a provision that would garnish the wages of members who record or live stream from the floor of the House. Our panel discusses what implications a targeted rule like this will have for the upcoming session.

Obamacare has been targeted by GOP lawmakers since the legislation was filed, and now with Donald Trump heading to the White House Republicans have their chance to repeal the federal healthcare law. How will healthcare change over the next several months and what will Republicans offer as an alternative?

Our panel reviews the top headlines in both national and local politics.


Jim Galloway - Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tamar Hallerman - Washington Correspondent, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Chip Lake

Michael Owens – Chair, Cobb County Democrats

Post written by GPB News intern Robert Jimison.