Trump And GOP Celebrate Passage Of House Health Care Bill

May 5, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” call it Trumpcare, call it the AHCA, call it controversial!

President Trump declares that premium costs will go down as he and Speaker Ryan celebrated their legislative win yesterday. But with no scoring from the Congressional Budget Office and no public hearings ahead of the House vote, there are many questions about the viability of the current bill once it gets to the Senate. In the meantime, there is much discussion of pre-existing conditions and cuts to programs that are relied upon by many Americans.

Also today, Governor Deal quietly signs the Campus Carry bill. What changed between last year's bill and this one? And what will state campuses have to do to prepare for students carrying guns?

We also share a memorable phone call from one of our faithful Political Rewind listeners.


Jim Galloway – Political Columnist, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tamar Hallerman – Washington Correspondent, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Lori Geary ­– Media Consultant