Trump, Citing No Evidence, Alleges Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice Committed Crime

Apr 5, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” the weather isn't the only thing that's stormy! 

Lots of political turbulence swirling as President Trump, citing no evidence, says former National Security Adviser Susan Rice may have committed a crime in seeking the identities of Trump associates netted by surveillance.  

We also discussed the anniversary of one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s most controversial speeches delivered 50 years ago at NYC's Riverside Church. In it, MLK spoke out in uncharacteristically harsh terms against the war in Vietnam, stirring a huge backlash. Here's a great article recalling the controversy.

The upcoming 6th District congressional primary, with 18 candidate, is foremost on many Georgia political minds. Buddy Darden recalls his own experience with a so-called "jungle primary" in the 1983 special election to fill the 7th District seat. In a "jungle primary," all candidates vie for one of the top two spots, regardless of party affiliation. Most polling puts newcomer Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, at the front of the pack. But Ossoff won't get an easy ride, with lots of Republican dollars aiming to take him down.

And even though we didn't get to it, we thought you might want to see a phenomenal mashup starring Sean Spicer and the Muppets courtesy of the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert."


Buddy Darden ­– Fmr. Georgia Congressman

Andra Gillespie – Political Science professor, Emory University