Trump Tweets Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed To Serve In Military

Jul 26, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” President Trump does an about-face on an Obama-era ruling allowing transgender people to serve in the military.

Trump announced the news on Twitter, leaving the Pentagon scrambling and several Republicans pushing back on Trump's edict. Our panel discusses whether this is an actual policy point or Trump's effort to distract from other political news.

And then there's health care. Sen. John McCain made a special trip to Capitol Hill to help pass the motion to proceed on discussion of a bill, but then lashed out at his fellow senators for their calcified partisanship. The vote to proceed on a bill passed, but the next effort aiming to repeal and replace Obamacare failed 43 votes to 57. What's next? And where do Georgia senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue stand on must-haves and deal-breakers?

Trump continues to excoriate Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Twitter, and also publicly threatened HHS Sec. Tom Price with his job if he can't deliver health care votes. Our panel discusses how Trump's familiarity with television continues to affect his political persona.


Kyle Wingfield ­– Conservative Columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Heath Garrett – Republican Strategist

Dr. Andra Gillespie – Political Science Professor, Emory University

Jared Yates Sexton – Independent Journalist