What Does Future Hold For Senate Health Care Bill?

Jul 5, 2017

Today on “Political Rewind,” what happens next with the Senate health care bill? Georgia Health News editor Andy Miller joins us with the latest news on what the bill is looking like and how it might affect Georgians. In addition, there's news that Medicaid in Georgia is going to change regardless of what Congress comes up with. Miller provides some details.

The president was busy over the long holiday weekend with tweets and speeches that continue to denounce the so-called "mainstream media." How do his supporters react to these continued jabs? And what about global leaders when Trump targets them? Members of the panel discuss one thing Trump needs to say to Russian leader Vladimir Putin when they meet at the G-20 meeting later this week.


Eric Tanenblatt – Republican Consultant

Beth Schapiro – Democratic Pollster

Andy Miller – Editor, Georgia Health News