Will Plans To Expand Gun Rights In Georgia Proceed?

Oct 11, 2017

On this edition of Political Rewind, will Georgia legislators proceed with plans to expand gun rights in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre?  We’re getting our first clues now.  Plus, new signals that state GOP leaders may be dropping their longtime resistance to investing in public transit.

In Washington, Senate Republicans urge Bob Corker and President Trump to stop their war of words out of fear it jeopardizes their entire agenda on Capitol Hill, but Trump further enflames the feud with a new Twitter attack. Plus, the White House says it will issue an executive order designed to lower skyrocketing insurance premiums, but is it sound policy?


Greg Bluestein – AJC Political Reporter

Patricia Murphy – The Daily Beast

Sam Zamarripa – Former Georgia State Senator 

Mark Roundtree – Political Consultant