The Chris Thile Show

On GPB Statewide, Saturday 6pm to 8pm

The only live music and variety show aired nationwide today, The Chris Thile Show is a Saturday night staple for radio audiences everywhere. The show features a unique blend of musical performances and comedy.

Chris Thile is the show's new host. Chris's wide range of musical taste, paired with his vast network of famous, talented friends, will draw new, diverse talent to public radio, while still engaging the 3.5 million weekly listeners.

The Chris Thile Show is a two-hour weekly variety show broadcast live from St. Paul, Minnesota and other locations across the U.S.

Chris Thile will offer a mix of what current audiences know and love - humor, authentic voices and Americana music. Using the variety show template Garrison Keillor created, Chris will welcome a wider variety of voices to the stage - younger, more diverse, and those who may be new to public radio audiences. Listeners will enjoy one-of-a-kind collaborations not heard anywhere else.

Thile is well known to current audiences and uniquely qualified to herald the next generation of the show's audience and broad appeal. He connects with a multitude of audiences, from folk and Americana, to classical, pop and alternative. As the show's new host, Chris Thile creates a unique opportunity to welcome broader, younger audiences to the show, with musical guests and comedy sketches not typically associated with public radio.

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