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Magnolia Crossing, an apartment complex in Cobb County, has recently been closed down in favor of clearing the land for higher-end commercial property. While the city claims that the renovation is a community investment, the continuing loss of low-cost housing continues to be a prevalent issue. We talk to Nathaniel Smith, who is the CEO of the Partnership for Southern Equity, about what can be done to assist low-income households with finding reliable living conditions.

About a week and a half ago, Beyoncé took the nation by storm with her music video for the song, “Formation.” It evokes images of Hurricane Katrina, unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and the Black Lives Matter movement. It's also sparked a massive conversation about race issues in this country - and revealed divisions that go deeper than black and white. Armstrong State University professor Regina Bradley, Aurielle Marie of the Atlanta based organization, “It’s Bigger Than You,” Cornell University PhD student J.

Bees play an invaluable role in our eco-system, but they are slowly dying out as a species. In order to further integrate bees into a city environment, the Urban Bee Project at Georgia Tech hopes to create new homes for these vital insects while educating students on ecological responsibility. We talk to Georgia Tech’s Jennifer Leavey, who is director of the project, about the initiative and what results she hopes to achieve over the length of the project. Plus, in 1967, Kathleen Cleaver joined the Black Panther Party after leaving the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in Atlanta.

Sevendust Goes To The Grammys | Dangerously Lonely | ICE Raids

Feb 15, 2016

After 20 years together, Atlanta metal band Sevendust received its first Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance this year. They’ll be at the award ceremony on Monday night, but first, lead singer Lajon Witherspoon tells us about making metal music in the South and what it feels like to be in the running for music’s top honor. Valentine’s Day can be an especially lonely time for some people. But chronic loneliness can have adverse health effects and be just as bad for you as smoking, obesity, and sitting too long.

The Breakroom | Karen White's 'Grit Lit' | A Timeless Love

Feb 12, 2016

Karen White writes fiction, mostly mysteries. But she likes to call her work "grit lit," a genre of work dedicated to stories told from the perspectives of Southern women. White is a featured author at his year's Savannah Book Festival and she talks with us about her latest work. J.B .and Lynette Tuttle of Savannah, Georgia married each other 72 years ago. Now in their 90's, they're both retired and living in a nursing home. While they may have slowed down, their love for each other hasn't.

Dead Wake | Rise & Shine | A Real Southern Cook | Zombie Psychology

Feb 11, 2016

Why are we attracted to gory shows about zombies? Psychologist Travis Langley, author of “The Walking Dead Psychology,” says the popularity of dark shows reflects our feelings about the state of our society. He joins host Celeste Headlee to talk about viewers’ deep love for undead characters. Plus. Dora Charles never received any formal training in cooking, but she worked in Paula Deen's kitchen for over twenty years. She helped develop many of the recipes that made Deen's Savannah restaurant, The Lady & Sons, a culinary destination.

CDC Speaks On Pregnancy & Alcohol | Ag Outlook | Malcolm Mitchell

Feb 10, 2016

Georgia was one of many states in the midst of a farm crisis thirty years ago. It was the worst since the Great Depression. Almost 300,000 farms nationwide faced financial failure by the mid-1980s. Farmers have come a long way since then, but is our agricultural climate stable enough that it couldn't happen again? Zippy Duvall is a Georgia farmer who recently took over as president of the American Farm Bureau. He gives host Celeste Headlee about his agricultural outlook.

The Georgia State Senate passed a bill last year that bars local governments from banning certain types of dogs. The measure never got a vote in the House, but it's a sign of how often breed-specific bans are cropping up in Georgia. Host Celeste Headlee talks about the effectiveness of these policies with Emily Patterson-Kane of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Most people take cough syrup or ibuprofen when they're sick. But the Gullah Geechee people used to gather an herb called "life everlasting" and boil it into a tea to settle coughs and congestion. Gullah Geechee culture is endangered as population numbers dwindle and land disputes threaten their way of life. That includes their medicinal traditions.

The Breakroom | Georgia Playlist | How Iowa Reflects GA Voters

Feb 5, 2016

After a barn-burner of a race in Iowa, the nation’s eyes shift toward New Hampshire before slowly making their way southward. The SEC primary is less than a month away and Georgia voters are preparing to play a huge role in the country’s 2016 presidential decision. Host Celeste Headlee talks with Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein about the results in Iowa and how they could reflect the mindset of Georgia voters. Plus, keyboardist Chuck Leavell has played all over the world with music legends like The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and The Allman Brothers.