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Atlanta based Adult Swim is home to a number of hit TV shows like Rick and Morty, Squidbillies, and the Venture Brothers. Many of us at On Second Thought are huge fans. So imagine our delight to find Adult Swim is just five minutes away. Last month, we took a tour of their studios. We chatted with many producers about not just their TV shows, but their streaming shows as well. Adult Swim now offers a full host of online, live streamed programs.

Adult Swim

"Squidbillies" is Atlanta-based Adult Swim’s third longest-running animated series. It’s based on the show creators’ experiences here in Georgia – and features a cast of anthropomorphic redneck squids. The 11th season of "Squidbillies" comes to close this Sunday on Adult Swim. Co-creators Dave Willis and Jim Fortier recently joined us. 


There is only one duo who can adventure through time and space, and still debate about political correctness...That is Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, from Adult Swim’s animated hit "Rick and Morty." Rick is a genius scientist. His grandson Morty? Well--he’s in high school. Together, they use portal guns and other wacky inventions to save the multiverse from hyper-intelligent dogs and cannibal mantis-people. Show co-creator Dan Harmon sat down with Celeste Headlee recently to discuss the success of the show.

Atlanta is among many American cities making an aggressive bid for Amazon’s second headquarters. The Georgia city of Stonecrest even offered to de-annex some land and name it Amazon. The company’s first HQ is in Seattle, Washington. And Seattle has some wisdom to share with other cities who might want to attract the retail giant. A new podcast is called “Prime(d): What Happens When Amazon Comes to Your Town?” It’s produced by KUOW, Puget Sound Public Radio. Reporter Joshua McNichols joins us.

The Music Mastermind Behind Adult Swim

Nov 2, 2017
Adult Swim

Atlanta-based Adult Swim has been an important ally to independent musicians since its inception in 2001. The music you hear everywhere on the programming block is produced by largely unknown artists. Jason DeMarco, Senior Vice President and Creative Director of On-Air, is the man in charge of Adult Swim music.

Adult Swim

"Squidbillies" is the third longest running animated show on Atlanta-based Adult Swim. The series is based on the show creators’ experiences here in Georgia – with a cast of anthropomorphic redneck squids. The eleventh season of "Squidbillies" premieres this Sunday, Oct. 15, on Adult Swim. We talk with the show co-creators, Dave Willis and Jim Fortier.

Adult Swim

In 2013, "Rick And Morty" launched on Atlanta-based Adult Swim. Since then, the animated show has developed a cult-like following, revered for its witty banter and sci-fi prowess. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon co-created "Rick And Morty," but never imagined it would reach the level of success it has enjoyed.

Photo courtesy of Adult Swim

Atlanta-based Adult Swim is bringing back “Samurai Jack,” one of Cartoon Network’s most beloved animated shows. It ran for four seasons from 2001 to 2004, but the storyline never concluded. Samurai Jack has since become a cult classic in the animation world. And after much demand, the creators have revived it for Season Five.

We’re joined by Genndy Tartakovsky, the original creator; and Scott Wills, Art Director for the series.