Pollution and global warming rank near the top of environmentalists' growing list of concerns. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, another menace to the environment is in many people's own backyards.

Jessica Fontana / Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta might be the last place you’d look for endangered penguins, but every morning at the Georgia Aquarium begins with a Waddle Walk. That’s when staff take endangered African penguins out for a walk around the aquarium. GPB intern Olivia Reingold joined them recently to bring us this audio postcard.

How Smart Are Animals?

Jun 3, 2016
Viral Hog

The most famous name in the animal kingdom this week is Harambe.  The 17-year-old gorilla was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo last Saturday after a little boy fell into his habitat. Harambe didn't harm the child but zoo officials decided to put him down after about 10 minutes.  They say the gorilla may have ultimately decided to hurt the boy.