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In his first formal policy response to the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla., last month, President Trump is setting up a federal commission to explore school safety. He's also endorsing legislation to improve background checks, and urging states to pass laws temporarily keeping guns out of the hands of people judged to be dangerous to themselves or others.

A policy proposal unveiled Sunday evening has Trump renewing his support for arming teachers and other school employees on a volunteer basis. He stopped short of endorsing a higher age limit for would-be gun buyers.

Student Activist On Guns In Schools

Mar 11, 2018

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Just after the shooting that took 17 lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., senior Demetri Hoth was among the students there who took action. Here he is on CNN.


Dyslexia is the most common learning disability, affecting tens of millions of people in the United States. But getting help for children who have it in public school can be a nightmare.

"They wouldn't acknowledge that he had a problem," says Christine Beattie about her son Neil. "They wouldn't say the word 'dyslexia.' "

Other parents, she says, in the Upper Arlington, Ohio, schools were having the same problem. The district in a suburb of Columbus wasn't identifying their children's dyslexia or giving them appropriate help.

West Virginia Teachers Win; DeVos Gets Pushback

Mar 10, 2018

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Betsy DeVos' busy week

On Tuesday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tweeted a black-and-white photo of a classroom taken decades ago next to a modern stock photo of a classroom. "Does this look familiar?" the tweet began. In both pictures, desks were lined up in straight rows, facing a teacher standing at the front of the classroom.

Oklahoma Teachers Consider Strike

Mar 10, 2018

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The Underappreciated Morning Cocktail – The Mimosa

Mar 9, 2018
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The mimosa is an uncomplicated cocktail, equal parts fresh-squeezed orange juice and dry, sparkling wine or champagne. While no mixing or serious bartending skill is involved in its creation, the mimosa is recognized as an official cocktail by the International Bartenders Association. The drink’s simple yet courtly qualities lend themselves well to morning consumption--acting as a sort of mood-lifting, waking concoction full of fizz and bright, citrusy acid with a natural sugary undertone. It’s almost as if you’re sipping the sunrise.  

Stephen Fowler/GPB


When Spencer Nix attended the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he made a promise to never drink alcohol on his way to becoming a non denominational pastor.


It’s a promise he never fully kept, and instead turned into a business, as he is the CEO and cofounder of Reformation Brewery in Woodstock.


The workforce is changing dramatically, and there's a widespread recognition that new skills — and new ways of teaching adults those skills — are needed and needed fast. In California, the state's 114 community colleges are facing the challenge of offering the credentials, classes and training that will help workers choose a career or adapt to a new one.

The system right now can't serve all of these workers. But there's a new idea that could come to the rescue: Create a new, online community college for people in the workforce who've been shut out of higher education.

Students Of Color And Armed School Staff

Mar 9, 2018

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