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Jon Benjamin has given a voice to the title character of the FX animated series “Archer” for seven seasons now. He’s also the voice of Bob on “Bob’s Burgers” and a featured comic actor in many more shows.  Benjamin joins us to talk about having one of the most recognizable voices in the world, his start as a stand-up comedian and the first time he was treated to a Southern gun range. 

Universal Studios

From the next installments of the Avengers series to a new television series on the Unabomber, there are a lot of major productions currently filming in Georgia. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Jennifer Brett gave us an update about the latest film and TV projects in the state.

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Today on “Political Rewind,”  Getting some perspective! We talk to past (and possibly future?) elected Georgian Lynn Westmoreland.

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The new home of the Atlanta Braves opened Friday. Fans headed out of the city to SunTrust Park while the team’s former home sat empty. Turner Field was purchased by Georgia State University for millions of dollars. Now, those who live near the stadium want to make sure redevelopment doesn’t drive up the cost of living in their neighborhoods, and drive them out of their homes. At least 150 people marched from Mechanicsville to Turner Field this weekend. GPB’s Sean Powers was there, and brought back this audio postcard.


Atlanta After Major Bridge Collapse: Jump In Mass Transit

Apr 3, 2017
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Atlanta area commuters crowded aboard mass transit trains and fewer cars hit the road Monday as public schools went on spring break, easing fears of fierce gridlock after last week's fiery collapse of a key interstate bridge.

Scott Ehardt / Wikimedia Commons

Atlanta commuters trying transit for the first time in the wake of the I-85 bridge collapse last week will get some help from a local volunteer group.

Members of the MARTA Army--a grassroots transit advocacy group--will be posted around the metro area to help novice riders.

Demonstrators marched to Turner Field over the weekend, the former home of the Atlanta Braves. They want millions of dollars from the stadium’s purchase by Georgia State University to go towards projects that will benefit current residents in the area. GPB’s Sean Powers spoke to supporters of the Turner Field Coalition about their demands. Then we hear about how redevelopment can make neighborhoods unaffordable, driving out long-time residents. Deirdre Oakley is a sociology professor at Georgia State University who specializes in gentrification issues.

Watkins: Afropunk; Rudnack: DIWANG VALDEZ

On this edition of “Two Way Street” we have portraits of two entirely unique George artists.

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State lawmakers passed new regulations for oil pipelines in Georgia on Thursday, the last day of the 2017 legislative session. Environmental groups and the petroleum industry applauded the legislation.

Ezra Morris / GPB

Bills that would create some big changes in education in Georgia are headed to Governor Nathan Deal’s desk.

Deal has said he will definitely sign HB 338 which will allow for state takeover of schools which the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement has designated as “Chronically Failing.” It also creates a new state level executive position, the Chief Turnaround Officer. Deal said he isn’t sure just how many schools the Chief Turnaround Officer will take on right off the bat.

Sean Powers / On Second Thought

The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes Atlanta-based LGBT educator and activist Robbie Medwed, former NPR correspondent Kathy Lohr, Amber Scott of the non-profit 'Leap Year,' and Steve Brown of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.


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Today on “Political Rewind,” TGIF! The session is over and Spring Break is here for lots of Georgians. Good time to get out of Atlanta if you can. 

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The banjo has many moods in the hands of Noam Pikelny. He’s best known as a founding member and banjo player for the Punch Brothers. The Chicago native has been performing since a very young age, and recently released his first full solo album “Universal Favorite.”

Pikelny spoke with GPB’s Trevor Young in advance of a performance at The Earl in Atlanta, Friday, March 31 at 8 p.m. 

Some people who flee war-torn countries get a chance to start fresh elsewhere. That’s the case for Nemr Abou Nassar. He was a young child when he left Lebanon for the U.S. with his family. Nemr is known as Lebanon's King of Comedy. We talk to him ahead of a performance this weekend at the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta.  

UPDATE: Bridge Collapse 'A Loud Muted Rumble' Man Says

Mar 31, 2017
David Goldman / AP Photo

A man who was watching as a section of Interstate 85 in Atlanta collapsed said he heard several explosions under the bridge and then a slow rumbling as the structure collapsed.


Some people who flee war-torn countries get a chance to start fresh elsewhere. That’s the case for Lebanese-born comedian Nemr Abou Nassar. He was a young child when he left Lebanon for the United States with his family. Nemr is known as Lebanon's King of Comedy. We talked to him ahead of his performances this weekend at the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta.   

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What are you going to do when you grow up? We ask our kids that all the time.

To answer that, first you have to know what jobs are even out there. That’s why students in Cherilyn Keily’s class at Bonaire Middle School have been raising chickens.

Ezra Morris / GPB

Thanks to Georgia lawmakers, you won’t have to pay sales taxes the next time you hail an Uber, buy something from Amazon, or fix up your yacht. And you’ll still be able to play fantasy sports.

The 2017 legislative session ended with a number of changes to Georgia’s tax laws still on the table and a collection of special tax breaks headed to the desk of Governor Nathan Deal.

Ezra Morris / GPB

Breweries, Distilleries Approved For Direct Sales To Consumers

Soon, customers won’t have to take a tour of a local brewery before grabbing a six pack or case of their favorite beer.

Ezra Morris / GPB

Georgia lawmakers took action on a number of health bills during the the 2017 session. Governor Nathan Deal has already signed one of them into law.

Channel 2 Action News


A massive fire caused an interstate bridge to collapse during rush hour Thursday in Atlanta, just minutes after witnesses said police halted traffic and turned cars away from the crumbling overpass. However, officials said no one was hurt despite dramatic images of towering flames and plumes of smoke.

Savannah Music Festival on Facebook

Savannah's busy March continues. Luckily, Bill Dawers of hissing lawns and the Savannah Morning News and Mahogany Bowers of Blessings in a Bookbag are here with their weekend tips.

Mahogany's picks:

Georgia Power

Work at Georgia Power’s Plant Vogtle will continue for at least the next 30 days.

That’s the word from the utility a day after Westinghouse, the contractor building two new reactors at the nuclear facility, declared bankruptcy.

Adoption Law Update Lingers On Georgia Lawmakers' Last Day

Mar 30, 2017
Matt Barnett / Flickr

Changes to Georgia adoption law that proponents call long overdue await a final vote entering the General Assembly's final day on Thursday.

Conservative lawmakers added a "religious freedom" provision for private adoption agencies two weeks ago, forcing last-minute legislative maneuvers that could still send the bill to Gov. Nathan Deal's desk.

Adoption attorneys worked with the bill's sponsor, Marietta Republican Rep. Bert Reeves, for two years to craft the 100-page bill.

Bill Monk / Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Atlanta is home to the fastest-growing Episcopal diocese in the world. Hispanic congregations are driving this growth, while providing sanctuary within Latino communities. Bishop Robert Wright talks about the role of his church in Atlanta. 

Photo Courtesy of Greg Iles

Southern writer Greg Iles has written 15 novels, 12 of which have been New York Times bestsellers. His book "24 Hours" became the 2002 movie “Trapped.” His latest novel, “Mississippi Blood” is the last installment of the epic Penn Cage trilogy.

Greg appears at the Carter Library in Atlanta at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 31. He joins us live from Charleston, S.C.

GW Pharmaceuticals

One of the bills likely to pass in the Georgia legislature would expand access to medical marijuana. Patients being treated for AIDS are among those who would qualify for a prescription.

Happy, Sine Die! Thursday, March 30, marks the end of the legislative session at the Georgia State Capitol. GPB capitol reporter Lisa Rayam gives us a recap of which bills died, and which will proceed to the governor’s desk.

Wally Gobetz / flickr

Thursday marks the end of the legislative session at the Georgia state capitol. GPB capitol reporter Lisa Rayam gives us a recap of which bills died, and which will proceed to the governor’s desk.


Hundreds of Jewish Community Centers, synagogues, and schools have reported threats and vandalism in recent months.


In Atlanta, the Marcus Jewish Community Center has been one of the institutions affected by this troubling trend.