Rachel Parker

A flood devastated Rome, Georgia in 1886. According to local lore the waters rose high enough for a steamboat to float down Broad Street, the town’s main thoroughfare. This event inspired city leaders to elevate the street, and all the buildings along it. Business owners recently opened up their basement doors for people to tour the remains of old Rome. We took the tour, and brought back this audio postcard. 

Kevin Baggott / flickr

The longer a building has been around, the more likely people will say that it’s haunted. The Fox Theatre in Atlanta opened in 1929 and some say a few of the millions who’ve passed through those doors still remain. The theater hosts ghost tours this time of year. We sent producer Sean Powers to learn about spirits that refuse to leave...even after the curtain comes down.

An interview with former Fox Theatre organist Bob Van Camp, whose ashes are stored in the Fox Theatre auditorium:

Telling Georgia Ghost Stories

Oct 31, 2016
Wikimedia Commons

For some, Halloween is about more than just candy and dressing up. It’s a day to think seriously about what scares us. Many of Georgia’s historic sites are also places where sightings of ghosts and apparitions have been reported. We share some real-life ghost stories from some of the most notoriously haunted spots in the state.