Coretta Scott King was not just the wife of the late civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. She was also an accomplished activist in her own right.


She traveled the world and advocated for racial and social equality for people of all walks of life.


In 1968, the same year her husband was assassinated, Scott-King founded the King Center, which has served as a base of operations for modern day activism.





The children of Martin Luther King Jr. have agreed to end a legal battle over his Nobel Peace Prize and travel Bible, which pitted the civil rights leader's heirs against each other.

A judge in Georgia signed an order Monday releasing the items to Martin Luther King III who serves with his siblings, Dexter Scott King and Bernice King, as the sole directors of their father's estate.

First, we speak with Anthony Mackie, who is currently lighting up the silver screen as Falcon in “Captain America: Civil War.” Mackie’s next role is a completely different heroic challenge. He plays Martin Luther King Jr. in the upcoming HBO film, “All the Way.” Bryan Cranston will star alongside Mackie in the role of Lyndon B. Johnson. The story introduces the two political figures at the height of the Civil Rights movement in a country torn apart by the assassination of John F. Kennedy.